About VR-Centre

VR-Centre are an industry leading provider of virtual reality solutions for live events & brand activations. We capture imaginations, reach out to new audiences and entertain in unique ways. Through event production and content creation, our team can make VR work wonders for you.

A Unique Option For Events

Here at VR-Centre we provide fully hosted VR entertainment for events combined with inhouse curated/created content. We take guests on totally unique journeys, providing them with experiences they'll never forget.

Our live VR experiences are delivered in multiple formats, from the latest generation mobile headsets, through to full body standing/moving experiences and force feedback driving systems.

From single booth demonstrations, through to multi-system VRcade environments, our team can scale virtual entertainment environments to fit your event size and budget.

The VR Technology Behind Our Events

VR content delivery needs to be reliable and constant, with high frame rates and graphical quality that best sells experiences, maximising end user enjoyment. As such our live solutions utilise our own fleet of high end virtual reality systems, based on class-leading Nvidia GPU’s.

Our headset and controller choice has been the HTC-Vive since launch, as they provide the reliability, visual fidelity and maximum full body movement our experiences require. We have recently introduced wireless connectivity for our headsets too, giving even more freedom.

In addition to the VR systems, we also provide event focused features like foam safety flooring, crowd control with tensa barriers, powerful audio systems, full LED mood lighting, 4D effects like wind & haptic feedback vests, plus in-house AV for spectator screens up to 100” in size.

Fully Hosted VR Events

Fully hosted virtual reality entertainment for professional events - Our capability in live VR events is best highlighted with our valued client list, which includes companies such as Spotify, Soho House Group, Enjoy Work, Centaur Media, Guinness World Records and the British Film Institute. Each event is individually curated to provide experiences, hosting and content that works best for each client.

360 Photo And Video Production

360 video and drone photography production for event capture and marketing - Our team have recorded events, locations and venues in 360 glorious degrees, in still and video formats, mono and stereoscopic, helping to provide unique marketing tools for increased end user engagement on bespoke delivery platforms and mainstream 360 distribution systems.

VR Content Development

Bespoke VR content creation – utilise our inhouse 3D environment creation, level design, art direction, sound design and game engine enablement; our team enjoy taking on challenging briefs from initial ideas through to delivery. Our passion for VR enabled marketing, learning and entertainment helps us create truly memorable content.

VR Consultancy

VR Consultancy - Our team have helped many companies craft their future VR roadmaps and thought leadership on consumer adoption, specific to various industry verticals. We provide our VR evangelist skill-set for keynote events too, talking on the subject of VR futurology, marketing and opportunity development.

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